Medical Assistant – USC/Eisner

Job Title: Medical Assistant – USC/Eisner
EXEMPT/NON: Non-exempt


Under the direction of the Clinic Manager, this position performs assigned functions for continuity of patient care, efficient patient flow, and provision of high quality patient care. The incumbent in this position shall operate within the framework of the Center's mission, goals and policies.


1.    Assesses patients and obtains accurate information regarding their illness/or medical problems.  Takes and records patient’s vital signs in electronic health record system or other registry as needed.
2.    Records accurate information obtained from patient or parent/guardian in the electronic health record or other registry system in a timely manner.  Follows licensing guidelines in documentation
3.    Ensures consistent patient tracking throughout the patients visit using our electronic health record system. 
4.    Prepares patients for examinations, treatments and/or procedures.  Explains procedures to patients and answers questions as needed.
5.    Provides patients with the information they need to make informed decisions about procedures or treatments to be completed. Reviews and obtains informed consents from patients as needed. Demonstrates the ability to determine the patients/parents understanding of information provided to them. 
6.    Answers patient’s questions within the scope of their practice, utilizes other resources and provides additional information as needed. If appropriate or as needed refer patients to other departments.   
7.    Reviews patient’s electronic health record and or chart for completion and accuracy; makes sure that test results are in the chart prior to the patient being seen by the doctor.  Calls for any missing report if needed.
8.    Assists physician in examination and treatment of patients.
9.    Assigned Discharge staff member will reinforce and provide instructions to patients as designated by provider.  Patient plan shall be offered to clients at the end of their office visit.
10.    Designated staff member shall assist with Direct Referrals not requiring prior authorization and hospital admission on an as needed basis.
11.    Administers immunizations and records information in CAIR registry and electronic health record.
12.    Administers medication and records information in electronic health record.
13.    Observes patient’s reaction to drugs and/or treatments or procedures and reports any unusual condition or observation to the physician.
14.    Assists in the follow-up of failed appointments and abnormal test results as indicated by physician through electronic task or chart log using our electronic health record
15.    Draws blood and/or obtains specimen for tests, labels them accurately, and ensures appropriate transport of specimen with appropriate and completed requisition.
16.    Maintains and stocks patient care supplies, sterilizes equipment, and keeps work area clean and orderly.
17.    Ensures safety of patients and visitors.
18.    Designated staff shall be responsible for checking emergency kit on a monthly basis and ensures that the kit is fully stocked at all times.  The designee shall replenishing items when used and or expired.
19.    Supports the medical providers and other staff in the department
20.    Designated staff shall be responsible for accuracy of all forms prior to submission to billing, filing, and internal or external individuals receiving the form. Forms can include PM 160, ASQ’s, WIC, School form, etc.
21.    Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions.
22.    Ability to use good reasoning and judgment and react calmly in emergency situations.  Administrative Duties:
23.    Oversees all aspects of general office coordination.
24.    Maintains confidentiality in all aspects of client, staff, and agency information.
25.    Interacts with clients, vendors and visitors.
26.    Answers telephones and transfers to appropriate staff members in a timely manner.
27.    Opens, sorts, and distributes incoming correspondence, including faxes and email.
28.    Prepares responses to correspondence containing routine inquiries.
29.    Performs general clerical duties to include, but not limited to, copying, faxing, mailing, and filing.
30.    30Files and retrieves organizational documents, records, and reports.
31.    Conducts special research projects, compiles data, and prepares documentation for consideration and presentation to supervisor, staff, and/or providers.
32.    Assists physicians in arranging referrals and/or hospital admission of patients.  Prepares necessary paperwork for admission or referral.
33.    Prepares charts prior to patients visit, completes all applicable labs and image orders, and ensures the results are in the patient’s electronic health record.
34.    Submits all medication refills electronically to providers.
35.    Ensures that i2i summary sheets are printed prior to patients visit and accessible for back office to obtain.
36.    Responds to task (as assigned by providers) in a timely manner.
37.    Submits “No Show” tasks to the providers the same day.  
38.    Processes all Medication Authorizations in a timely manner.
39.    Documents all calls using chart log and assigns tasks to appropriate provider.
40.    Follows up on all pending chart logs to ensure completion of work.
41.    Ensures that all medical releases are either sent or received in a timely manner. Department Specific – USC-Eisner/Adult Department
42.    Performs functions required by CPSP for prenatal patients.
43.    Must be able to read and interpret an immunization records and transcribe all historical information into CAIR system.
44.    Must be certified as Family Planning Health Care Worker within 12 months of hiring.


•    High school graduate or equivalency.
•    Certification as a medical assistant in the State of California.
•    Current CPR Certification.
•    Certification through the California Family Health Council (CFHC) Basic Health Worker course, recommended.
•    Bilingual in English and Spanish.
•    At least two years’ experience as a medical assistant in an outpatient clinic for adult and adolescent patients.
•    Must be flexible with her/his hours.
•    Computer skills a must.
•    Proficiency
•    Ability to type 35 wpm. 
•    Electronic health records experienced preferred.
•    Ability to read and write consistent with job requirements; cognitive skills as related to the position.
•    Must be able to perform physical requirements of this job including:
o    lifting adult patients
o    constant standing and walking
o    repetitive motion, i.e. computer use