Baby Buggy Diapers Give New Moms Like Sandra Marroquin One Less Worry

Three-week-old Samuel Maximilian Marroquin, Max for short, is hungry as his mom Sandra Marroquin arrives. She settles in with EPFMC’s Supervisor of Pregnancy Care and Education Magdalena Estrada. The first order of business is feeding the little man.

She and Magda, who served as our translator, discuss the finer points of breastfeeding. Sandra has found this to be a brand new experience despite having a 16-year-old son, Estevan.

Sandra remembers breastfeeding Estevan and says she did it “because we thought we had to – it was cheap. Here in the US we do it because we KNOW it is better for the baby.”

Estevan and the boys’ father, Gustavo, still live in Guatemala, where Sandra lived until two years ago.

Sandra Feels Her Healthiest After Completing 11 Prenatal Classes

Having a baby in the US is a “whole new experience,” says Sandra. Here she received lots of information about her pregnancy and delivery. She was 19 when Estevan was born, and, essentially, no information was given to her about what to expect or what to do — “I just had him.”

Once she arrived on EPFMC’s doorstep, the information began to flow — she took 11 prenatal classes, and she loved every one of them. “I would still take classes here if I could!” Sandra believes she is the healthiest she’s ever been because of all she has learned.

Baby Buggy Diapers Aid Prenatal Class Attendees

To aid mothers-to-be who attend the pregnancy education classes, Baby Buggy supplies them diapers. Sandra says the incentives diapers and a stroller for class attendance “help us make the effort to come to the classes. We learn and get the incentive, too. We like it because we are preparing and doing something good for the baby.”

EPFMC used to have only Newborn and Size 3 diapers available, but, as of July, Baby Buggy began providing sizes 1 and 2 as well. Sandra is thrilled to get diapers in a range of sizes. “It is very helpful,” she says because she will have supplies for Max as he grows.

Sandra thanks Baby Buggy for their generous donations and hopes they continue for future moms. “We all have different insurance (that covers different things), and some of us do not have the means to buy (diapers),” she says.

A New Start for Sandra’s Family Lies Ahead

Sandra is determined to give Max the best start possible and to bring her whole family back together. She lives with her parents and revels in the fact that Max and her mom are really close. Soon, she and Max will travel to Guatemala to finalize the paternity paperwork for Max and Gustavo and to introduce Max to his father.

When she returns to the US, Estevan will come back with her, but Gustavo will have to wait longer to join the family. “So much paperwork!” exclaims Sandra about giving birth in the US and navigating the immigration process for her family. But she is patient. “Family needs to be together,” she says.