School-Based Clinics: A Safe Place for Teens

How much do you know about birth control? Family planning? Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

Do you:

  • Understand the advantages of family planning?
  • Know how people get STDs?
  • Know the types of birth control available to you?
  • Recognize the symptoms of STD infections?

If you’re like many teens, you may be embarrassed to discuss STDs and other issues about your sexual health with your parents. What you don’t know about birth control, STDs, and family planning can harm you. You need the kind of answers that put you in control and make you an active participant in your own health care.

That’s one of the reasons that Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center operates four school-based teen clinics:

  • Los Angeles High School
  • Metropolitan High School
  • Abram Friedman Occupational Center
  • Santee Education Complex

Teen Clinic family planning services are confidential and free. Services are provided in the privacy of fully equipped rooms located on campus next to the nurse’s office. Students don’t need written permission from parents to receive services such as birth control, STD testing, and pregnancy testing. You can get tested, learn your results, get treatment, and get birth control without your parents being contacted. We never release medical records to anyone unless you give us permission.

The clinics serve ages 14 to 22. They are open two days a week at each of the campuses (one day at Metropolitan High School), 8 to 3:30 (or later if needed). Walk-ins are welcome at the Teen Clinic. You can call us at 213-747-5542, ext. 3571 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions.

Services we provide on campus include:

  • Free testing for STDs
  • Treatment of STDs
  • Education on prevention of STDs
  • Free pregnancy test
  • Free birth control
  • Pregnancy prevention education
  • Healthcare education and counseling about family planning
  • On-campus first aid treatment
  • HIV/AIDS prevention education

The Teen Clinic is a place of safety for you. It’s where you can ask all the questions you have about your sexuality and sexual practices. You will receive honest and confidential answers. We want you to learn how to make good choices for yourself and develop self-care skills.

Teen Clinic staff members are bilingual, bicultural, and sensitive to the religious beliefs of the students they counsel. All Teen Clinics are staffed by a physician, a nurse practitioner, or a medical assistant.

Won’t My Parents Find Out That I Got Tested?

No, not unless you tell them. We always encourage teens to talk with a parent or another trusted adult about their care, but it’s your decision. To protect your privacy, we use text messaging and email to communicate with you. We don’t call or mail to your home.

What Does It Mean If My STD Test Is Positive?

It means that you need medical treatment. Now. Over-the-counter drugs will not heal you. Neither will simply ignoring the results and hoping they will go away. There is no need for fear. We can treat you at the Teen Clinic, right on campus. Your testing, results, and treatment are all completely confidential and free.

What Does This Cost?

School-based clinic services, including testing and treatment, are free to all students. Sometimes, students’ medical needs extend beyond the services the Teen Clinics are meant to provide. In these cases, we would refer you to an outside community clinic, such as Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center, for more care. If you and your family don’t have insurance for other medical services outside of the clinic, we can work with you to find the right program. We have medical enrollers who assist patients in sorting through programs, finding out which ones you qualify for, and then getting you enrolled.

Learn more about the additional services you can receive in our Adolescent Medicine and Dental clinics at EPFMC.

What's Next?