Children's Behavioral Health Services

You know your children better than anyone. You know when you’re seeing changes that are not normal for your child. How do you know if your child needs counseling? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Has my child’s personality changed suddenly?
  • Is he often angry and disruptive at school or at home?
  • Is he fearful?
  • Is she being bullied at school or at home?
  • Does she stay to herself, preferring not to be with others?
  • Does he seem sad and withdrawn much of the time?
  • Does she seem anxious?
  • Are her grades dropping?

These are signs that your child might need to talk to someone to cope with his or her feelings.

In today’s stressful world, children often encounter situations that they simply don’t know how to handle. For example, is your family dealing with a trauma? Have you lost a loved one recently? Did you or your spouse lose a job? Have you been forced from your home? All these things affect your children. All can make them fearful, anxious, and sad. We can help.

The Mental Health Services We Offer

We offer four main services to work with children and their families:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Parenting program
  • Trauma-focused therapy

Through one-on-one counseling, children learn to function better with their friends, at home, and in school. In family therapy, the child is still considered the patient. But if your child is in pain, your entire family is in pain. We focus on helping the entire family heal.

Through our parenting program and other tools, we help families grow closer and more supportive in their family relationships. We use a very successful program, Triple P. This stands for the Positive Parenting Program. It has enjoyed much success here and around the world in helping children and their families find the solutions they need.

Through our trauma-focused therapy, we can help families who have lived through traumatic experiences, such as abuse or violence.

Why Trust Us?

EPFMC has a more than 90-year history of caring for children’s health and well-being. This is a safe and supportive environment for your child, yourself, and your family. Our staff members are bicultural and bilingual; you will feel comfortable with us. Our services are confidential. They are not shared with other agencies.

What If My Child Is Suicidal?

Sometimes, children need a higher level of care than we offer at EPFMC. Contact our case manager at (213) 746-5582, ext. 3479. We can evaluate your child’s needs here. If necessary, we will refer you to another specialist to provide the care your child needs to heal.

How Do I Get Help for My Child?

You can also contact us directly at (213) 746-5582, ext. 3479 to make an appointment. Your child must be covered by Medi-Cal to receive treatment. If your child is not covered by Medi-Cal at this time, visit our payment options services to see if your child qualifies. Then, enroll.

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