Triple P - The Positive Parenting Program

Tantrums. Whining. Bullying. Lying. Hitting. Scratching. Screaming. Talking back. Foul language around the house. And the smells coming from your child's room!

Our children. Yes, we love them. But that does not mean that we always understand them. Yes, raising children would be so much easier if they emerged from the birth canal with an instruction manual in hand. But, they don't. And sometimes figuring out our kids can be stressful and just plain frustrating.

Combine that with dealing with the normal stresses of your own life, and you can easily become overwhelmed and worn out. Disruptive behavior can drive parents up the wall and turn your entire household upside down. Behaviors like these should not be ignored. It does not have to be this way.

We can help.

Our secret weapon is a very effective program for parents and children called Triple P. The Positive Parenting Program, Triple P, has more than 30 years of success and studies backing it up. Triple P began in Australia in 1977. Since then, it has been demonstrated to improve:

  • Children's behavioral problems
  • Parenting skills and parents' confidence
  • Parents' personal well-being

This well-documented program has successfully helped parents and children all over the world. It focuses on teaching parents how to make small changes that result in big differences in their household.

What Is Triple P?

Triple P is

  • A system of parenting solutions that have been proven to work
  • A system that is easy to put into practice
  • A system that is flexible, letting you choose what works for you and your family
  • A system that helps you solve current parenting problems
  • A system that prevents future problems before they arise

The Goal of Triple P

Triple P works to increase your knowledge, skills, and confidence in being an effective parent. The goal is to "prevent social, emotional, behavioral, and developmental problems in children." Triple P teaches children how to control their emotions and express themselves in productive ways. It also teaches parents how to become better at solving problems.

The program can be used for early intervention, anger management for parents and children, and treating existing problems. Children from birth to age 12 are the main focus of Triple P. Some Triple P programs focus on families with teenagers, ages 13 to 16.

What Is Positive Parenting?

Specifically, Triple P teaches parents how to use positive parenting to get results, whether you are disciplining, teaching, or just enjoying your children.

Triple P emphasizes five core principles of positive parenting:

  • Ensuring a safe, supervised environment that provides opportunities for children to explore, play, and learn
  • Promoting a learning environment in your home by responding to children with positive, helpful comments and instructions
  • Disciplining children using clear rules and logical penalties for bad behavior rather than threats
  • Adopting reasonable expectations of your child's actions
  • Taking care of yourself as a person and a parent

How Do I Get Help?

You can contact us directly at (213) 746-5582, ext. 3479, to make an appointment.

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