From his first checkup to her questions about puberty, we’re here to help you and your children navigate the mysteries of childhood. The Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center staff know a lot about keeping infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents healthy. We’ve been doing it for more than 90 years. We’re called a “Family Medical Center” for a reason – we can care for your entire family throughout their lifespan.

Regular healthcare visits are key to raising happy, healthy children. From well-baby care to well-child care, we want to be there to share the important times of your child’s healthy life.

We follow the best practices in evidence-based medicine in caring for our young patients.

Our care for children includes:

When you step through the doors of EPFMC, you will find a child-friendly environment. That’s because we like and respect children. We work hard to make you and your child comfortable while visiting us by providing:

  • Our much-respected foster grandparent program, in which volunteers play with the kids in the waiting room
  • TV and movies for the kids in our waiting room
  • A free book for your child through our Reach Out and Read Program when he or she comes in for a well-child visit

All healthcare providers in Pediatrics speak multiple languages.

Things to know about EPFMC’s pediatric health care:

  • Parents can call and get same-day appointments for children who are ill.
  • We provide non-emergency medical care for children. For emergencies, we refer patients to the California Hospital Medical Center.
  • If you don’t have insurance, we offer many options for covering children’s physicals and other health care.
  • If you want a relative or caretaker to bring in your child, you will first need to give us written permission to treat your child. Your doctor will make a guardian permission form available to you during your first visit. This way it will be on file if you ever need to have someone else bring in your child for an appointment in the future.

Spend a few minutes and learn more about the healthcare services we can provide for your children.

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