Women's Health Services

Welcome to the Women’s Health Center at Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center. At EPFMC, we believe that:

  • Having a baby is a natural, healthy event.
  • Women desire to give birth in a caring environment.
  • Women have a right to be heard regarding their healthcare needs.

In our women’s clinic, we provide services to promote and protect the health of our female patients. These include gynecological care, breast exams, family planning and birth control, and an extensive prenatal care program. Come to us for your annual breast, pap smear, and pelvic exams. If you experience pelvic pain, want to be tested for sexually transmitted infections, need confidential family planning services, or want to find out if you’re pregnant, make an appointment and allow us to care for your health needs.

We specialize in pregnancy support services, from family planning before you become pregnant to caring for you and your baby after you give birth. Here, you’ll receive the support of a team of healthcare providers in a caring environment that values your individual choices.

You'll receive care tailored to you as an individual but backed up by the best in evidence-based practices.

Our staff includes several board certified OB/GYNs and a dedicated team of licensed and certified nurse-midwives. Together, they ensure that you and your baby receive the best in prenatal care and that your choices are respected.

Spend some time and find out more about all the services we offer to keep the women in the communities we serve healthy.