Delivery Services

Through California Hospital Medical Center (CHMC), EPFMC offers delivery services in a private room for our patients. In preparation for your delivery, we ask you to sign up for the Maternity Tour near the start of your seventh month.

The Maternity Tour

The Maternity Tour is offered as part of our prenatal classes. It lasts two hours and covers the hospital’s birthing areas and policies. You will watch a video presentation that prepares you for what to expect when you arrive for your delivery. During the tour, you can:

  • Complete your preadmission papers so you don’t have to do this on the day you arrive to deliver.
  • Get your questions answered.
  • Get a voucher for transportation to the hospital when it’s time to deliver.
  • Get a voucher for a free car safety seat or a stroller for your baby.

Most of our babies are delivered by our certified nurse-midwives at California Medical Hospital Center (CHMC). They work with expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy to deliver by safe, natural childbirth. They also have a high success rate in delivering by vaginal birth after a mother has had a cesarean delivery (VBAC).

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