Vaginal Birth after C-Section (VBAC) Specialists

If you’ve had a cesarean section to deliver one or more of your children, you were probably told that you must deliver all your future children this way. But, often, this is not true. The nurse-midwives at EPFMC have a high success rate in delivering babies naturally, through the vagina, even after a mother has had a c-section for a previous birth.

Some women are good candidates for delivering vaginally even after having a cesarean delivery. A VBAC may be a good choice for you if:

  • Your previous c-section left only one low, side-to-side scar.
  • You have had at least one vaginal birth in the past.
  • You are working with an experienced hospital staff that can do a quick c-section if a vaginal delivery is not going to be possible.
  • You are not overweight.
  • You are younger than 35.
  • You don’t have a condition that makes a c-section a better choice for this pregnancy.

EPFMC’s certified nurse-midwives are specialists in vaginal birth after cesareans. They have received national recognition for their success in this procedure.

Why Should I Consider a VBAC?

Delivering your baby vaginally is a more natural form of childbirth. Usually, this means you will:

  • Have less pain
  • Recover more quickly
  • Be able to resume your daily activities in less time

It also means you’ll probably be more alert during the birth and able to leave the hospital sooner after delivering. Perhaps, most important, you won’t have the scarring on your uterus that a cesarean causes. This matters if you intend to have more children. The more cesareans you have, the fewer options you have for delivery when you get pregnant again.

To find out what happens during a VBAC delivery, sign up to take our VBAC prenatal class.

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