CenteringPregnancy® Program

You are not alone. Whether or not this is your first pregnancy, you probably have questions about the months that lie ahead for you and your baby. Perhaps in past pregnancies your doctor’s visits were rushed or too short and you forgot to ask all the questions you had. The CenteringPregnancy Program addresses these and other common concerns for mothers-to-be.

What Is the CenteringPregnancy Program?

Imagine. A support group made up of other pregnant women. People who know exactly what you’re experiencing during these nine months. How great would it be to have a chance to make lifelong friendships with a group of women who will have babies the same age as yours? Think of the fun of watching your children grow up together. That’s the idea behind our prenatal care CenteringPregnancy Program.

It’s a 10-session program, run by a nurse-midwife, that groups 8 to 12 women who are expecting their babies around the same time. The women in this pregnancy group become part of your support team throughout your pregnancy. You learn together as you grow closer to your delivery dates.

What Happens during the Centering Sessions?

During the first six months, you’ll meet once a month. During this session, you’ll:

  • Receive a physical checkup
  • Learn how to care for yourself
  • Support one another

You’ll each be examined by your nurse-midwife. Then, the two of you will discuss your progress. Each member of the group is given a notebook to track her own progress. You’ll learn how to:

  • Take your own blood pressure
  • Check and record your weight
  • Chart your baby’s progress
  • Note any changes or discomfort in your body

As a group, you’ll discuss the things that are on your mind during your sessions. Your nurse-midwife and the other women in the group will give you feedback to help you with any challenges you’re facing. You’ll learn from and support one another. You are not alone.

CenteringPregnancy Groups for Diabetics

If you’re diabetic, you’ll join with other expectant mothers who are learning to manage their own diabetes while pregnant. You’ll share the same types of experiences as mothers-to-be in other centering groups, except you’ll focus more on self-care activities that help you control your diabetes.

Why Join Our CenteringPregnancy Group?

Community. Support. Make new friends who are experiencing the same things you are at the same time. One more reason: Research shows that expectant mothers who participate in the CenteringPregnancy Program tend to have fewer premature births.

Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center offers the only approved CenteringPregnancy Program in Southern California. To become an approved center, we had to meet the requirements of the national Centering Healthcare Institute.

EPFMC also offers a complete pregnancy education program for our expectant mothers. Our nurse-midwives are an active part of this learning as well.

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