High-Risk Pregnancy Perinatal Care

Perinatal care is a specialty that focuses on monitoring high-risk pregnancies to protect the mother and her baby. You may need this extra care if you are diabetic, have high blood pressure, are expecting twins or triplets, or have suffered a miscarriage in the past. Other conditions can also lead to a need for closer monitoring.

Diabetic Pregnancies

It’s essential to keep diabetes under control during a pregnancy. Most of the patients seen in EPFMC’s High-Risk Clinic in the Women’s Health Center suffer from diabetes. Diabetes that is out of control can lead to an increase in your blood sugar and cause infections. It can also lead to an increase in the size of your baby. This can result in your needing a cesarean section to deliver.

EPFMC’s High-Risk Clinic Team

Eisner patients are cared for by a High-Risk Clinic team, supervised by a perinatologist from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Perinatologists receive two additional years of training in the study of maternal-fetal medicine. They are experts in diagnosing problems and managing the health of the fetus until your baby is born.

Our certified nurse-midwives, including three who specialize in gestational diabetes, work closely with the doctors as key members of the team. Our High-Risk Pregnancy team is so highly regarded throughout the medical community that other clinics often refer their high-risk patients to our program for care.

You will be cared for by the same team throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Medi-Cal covers your work with the team for two months after your baby is born. Everyone is focused on getting you and your baby off to a healthy start.

While under the care of the High-Risk Clinic, you will have access to

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EPFMC’s Interconception Program

Preconception Help for Diabetic Mothers
If you are diabetic, your nurse-midwife will continue working with you even after the birth of your baby to manage your diabetes. This is especially important if you plan to have more children. The purpose of the Interconception Program is to help mothers get their diabetes under control before getting pregnant again. The goal is to help make your future pregnancies and births healthy and problem free. Contact Women’s Health at (213) 747-5542, ext. 3356, for more information.