Prenatal Classes

EPFMC offers a series of prenatal classes, designed to answer your questions about every phase of your pregnancy and caring for your baby. We focus on helping you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Currently, we have 15 prenatal classes, lasting one hour each. We also offer Lamaze classes in preparation for childbirth and Maternity Tours of California Hospital Medical Center, where most of our patients deliver. These last two hours.

Classes are offered several times each month, in Spanish and English. All our instructors are bilingual, certified childbirth and lactation educators. Children may attend prenatal classes, except the Lamaze – Prepared Childbirth classes and the Maternity Tour.

Prenatal Class Orientation

Attend orientation and learn what to expect during your prenatal classes. You’ll receive a Class Planner Book to bring to each of your classes. Make sure the instructor in each of your classes signs the book. There are prizes for completing your classes:

  • 1 class – receive free diapers
  • 5 classes – get a blanket for your baby
  • 10 classes – take home a new stroller and be entered into a special raffle

Classes are designed to meet your needs at each trimester. Download the Prenatal Classes Calendar.

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First Trimester classes

Second Trimester classes

Third Trimester classes