Third Trimester (7 Months - Birth)

These are the classes we recommend that you take during your third trimester:

The Maternity Hospital Tour

No surprises. Sign up for this class to learn what to bring and to expect when you arrive at the hospital for your delivery. This class meets at California Hospital Medical Center, where most of our patients deliver. You’ll be able to fill out the papers for preadmission to the hospital. Will you need transportation to the hospital when it’s time to deliver? During the tour, you can ask for a voucher to pay for your cab fare. Participate in a walking tour of the birthing areas, postpartum area, and nursery. Enjoy refreshments and gifts on your tour. At the end of the tour, receive a voucher for a car safety seat or a stroller.

Infant Feeding (0 – 12 months)

Learn how to feed your baby from the day he or she is born through the first year. Find out when to start feeding your baby solid foods. Discover the best foods to get your baby off to a healthy, nutritious start in life.

Baby Care Basics

Taking care of the umbilical cord, diapering, and bathing your baby are some of the topics in this class. Learn about infant safety, immunizations your baby will need, and the basics of well-baby care. You’ll be a more relaxed mother because you’ll know how to recognize the first signs that your baby is ill. Learn how to handle colds, the sniffles, and stuffy noses. Find out what to do for diarrhea and vomiting.

Prenatal Exercise

You’re getting closer to delivery. Keep moving. It’s still healthy for you and your baby. Twice a month, put on your most comfortable shoes and join us for a class of safe exercises. Workouts last 40 minutes, with 15 minutes of cool-down time.

Learning to Breastfeed

Do you plan to breastfeed? Concerned about what happens when you go back to work or to school? This class explores these questions and the advantages of breastfeeding for you and your baby. Certified lactation specialists teach you the basics of breastfeeding, including the best way to hold your baby. Learn how to position your baby to avoid discomfort or problems while he or she feeds. You’ll also find out how to use a breast pump. Hospital-grade breast pumps will be available for rent.

Postpartum Care

What happens after your baby is born? Taking care of your baby is important, but so is taking care of yourself. In this class, you’ll learn about the physical and emotional changes you should expect after your baby is born. Rest, a good diet, and good hygiene are all key to taking care of yourself after the baby arrives. You’ll learn how to recognize the signs of postpartum depression and other problems that signal you need help.

Lamaze – Prepared Childbirth Course

EPFMC’s childbirth preparation series will teach you and your partner about labor and delivery for both vaginal and cesarean births. You’ll be taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE). She will teach you exercises for breathing and relaxation that will make your labor and delivery easier. Attend all three classes and receive a certificate of completion. You should sign up to begin this series near your seventh month of pregnancy.

Please do not bring children to this class. Each class lasts about two hours.

Family Planning

Learn about different methods of birth control. Find out which ones are most effective. Discuss possible side effects from each method. Discover how to protect yourself from contracting an STD.


Sterilization is permanent birth control. This class lets you take a look at what the surgery involves, its risk, and the advantages. Decide for yourself whether planned sterilization makes sense for you.

Car Sear Safety Class

Find out how to choose the right car seat for your baby and other children. Learn how to use car seats properly.

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We’re Throwing a Baby Shower!

Congratulations! You’ve completed 10 or more prenatal classes. Our Prenatal Education team wants to celebrate you for taking this important step in caring for yourself and your baby. Every month, we honor the mothers-to-be who have completed this big step by throwing a Baby Shower for you. Join the fun. Gifts! Raffles! Lunch!