Woman. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Working woman. Caretaker. She may wear many hats and perform many roles, but at Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center, we know who she is. She’s a VIP, the very important person that the people she loves depend on.

In the Adult Clinic in EPFMC, we specialize in taking care of all the very important women who walk through our doors.

We focus on preventing illness and healing the whole person, in body and in mind. That’s why our primary care team includes a health counselor who is here to care for women’s and men’s emotional needs. The Adult Clinic staff also includes a sign language specialist to assist our hearing-impaired patients.

Take a few moments and discover all we have to offer as part of our Well-Woman Care services.

Next: Find out how we approach one of our specialties: caring for pregnant women.