Take Care of Your Feet

Diabetes can interfere with the circulation in your feet. Your ability to sense things with your feet may not be the same as it once was. You may experience wounds or infections on your feet. To minimize the effect of diabetes, it’s important to give special care to your feet. Here are a few tips:

  • Check your feet for wounds or other changes every day. If you find a new wound, don’t ignore it. Contact your doctor.
  • Wash your feet every day with mild soap. Make sure to dry them well.
  • Wear white cotton socks. Avoid walking around barefoot.
  • Wear shoes that fit properly.
  • Go to a podiatrist, a foot doctor, regularly and get your toenails trimmed. The doctor will also inspect your feet for changes.
  • If you’re overweight, look for nutrition counseling (available at EPFMC in the Adult Clinic and the Women’s Health Center). Commit to good eating habits and a regular exercise program. Avoid exercises that require lifting heavy weights. This can raise your blood sugar level and your blood pressure. Aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging, dancing, and swimming, are great.